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Police Dogs for Sale Enforcement K-9 International, Inc., World Class Police Dog Training

Client Testimonial:
“At the Savannah-Chatham Metro. P.D. Canine Unit, we only use Enforcement K-9 for our K-9 needs. Enforcement K-9 has always gone beyond our expectations, even after their contract is complete."
Sgt. Gregory Ernst
Canine Unit Commander
SCMPD Canine Unit

Police Dog Training
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Enforcement K9 Police Dogs for Sale
Click on the video image to view Police Dog training.

Enforcement K9 Police Dogs for Sale
Click on the video image to view Police Dog training.

Enforcement K9 Police Dogs for Sale
Click on the video image to view Police Dog training.

Police Dogs for Sale
Click on the video image to view Police Dog training.

Enforcement K9 Police Dogs For SalePolice Dogs for Sale

U.S. General Services Administrator Approved Company

Enforcement K9 International, Inc. has years of experience to help you with your Police Dog purchase. At Enforcement K9 International, Inc. our sales department strives to keep our Narcotic Detection Dogs, Explosive Detection Dogs and our Dual Purpose Patrol Dogs at competitive prices. Customer service is our number one goal!

All of our Police Dogs are imported from European countries whether they are intended to be used for narcotic detection, explosive detection and/or patrol. Customer satisfaction is only achieved through the sales of the top quality Police Dogs in the world. The use of the police dogs in United States has proven over the years to be one of the best tools known to law enforcement. At Enforcement K9 International, Inc.. we know first hand what skills your police dog must have to be successful.

The Police dog's skills to detect narcotics, explosives, or hidden suspect(s) have saved millions of taxpayer's dollars in man hours. At Enforcement K9 International, Inc, we will not waste your time or your money. The Police dog's abilities speed up the search and allow police officers to spend their duty hours working on other aspects of their job. The Supreme Court of the United States of America has sided many times on the side of the Police Dog when it comes to the intrusion of its' citizens when searching for narcotics or explosives. The Supreme Court Justices have ruled that a trained Police Dog is less intrusive than a sworn government agent when searching either a piece of luggage or a vehicle.

Buying the right Police Dog for that task is not an easy job. When purchasing a Police Dog for either narcotics or explosives from our sales department at Enforcement K9 International, Inc. you can rest assured that your tax dollars will be spent wisely. Enforcement K9 International, Inc. guarantees the police dog you purchase from us will meet the judicial expectations at a competitive price. And remember, Enforcement K9 International, Inc. is customer service friendly- that is our number one goal!

Enforcement Canine International, Inc. provides a complete training package for police service canine. At our facility, we are able to condition your Police Dog and Dog Handler to fit the needs of your department, agency, or company. We welcome your questions about our training. We will plan and discuss with your representative your Police Dog needs.

Police dog needs range from a Single Purpose Explosive Detector Dog to Dual Purpose Patrol Explosive Dog. At Enforcement K9 International, Inc., we offer a variety of Police Dog classes including Single Purpose Detection Dog, Dual Purpose Patrol Detection Dog, and a K-9 Instructor's Course. After a police canine is purchased from Enforcement K9 International, Inc. we propose that our relationship with your department or agency is just getting started. We welcome the opportunity for your Police K-9 team to return to our facility, to participate in continuing education opportunities.

Our in-service training program at Enforcement K9 International, Inc. is second to none. Enforcement K9 International, Inc. conducts in-service training on a regular basis for departments who have purchased a police dog from Enforcement K9 International, Inc. Our in-service is conducted by the same instructors who trained your police dog and handler. The instructor will be conscientious of your Police Dog team needs because customer service is our number one goal! We can travel to your agency and assist you in a start-up Police K-9 Program or re-evaluate and improve your existing Police K-9 Program. Enforcement K9, Inc. provides Police Dogs for sale and complete training packages for Law enforcement agencies.

Our many years of experience of handling Explosive Dog and managing Explosive K-9 Teams in hostile environments have created an edge on our competitors. Not only do staff members of Enforcement K9 International, Inc. have combat work experience, Enforcement K9 International, Inc has a certified Explosive Ordinance Disposal Member on our staff. This type of experience confirms Enforcement K9 International, Inc. is second to none in the field of Canine Explosive Detection. Furthermore, Enforcement K9 International, Inc. has Police Dogs for sale with packages available to government or contracting agencies that wish to purchase our services for deployment into a hostile work environment. When the situation involves explosive detection with police dogs, experience should be first and foremost in the customers mind.

Enforcement K9 police dogs for sale
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